Our Organisation

We favour a unique and privileged customer interface, from the search for solutions with customers and the costing to final machine acceptance. We have thus developed a Business Line-based organisation.

The Business Line Manager is in charge of the business, from the search for solutions and the associated costing, to final machine acceptance. He/she is the customer's privileged contact.


Our specific operation to ensure continuous improvement of our offer

Implementation of a service improvement plan: methods, training, feedback, best practices, etc.

Definition of standard technical solutions (e.g.: programming mode, mechanical sub-assembly, etc.)

Augmented reality design

Prototyping to validate solutions in 3D

Weekly progress monitoring with the project manager and the business advisor: validation of technical choices, corrective actions if necessary, etc.



Our key figures

Turnover: € 8.5 million in 2018

AMS workforce: 48 people in 2018; +46% vs. 2017