Creation & Design

For you, our design offices, consisting of professionals with expertise in their respective fields, will design the equipment that meets your needs in your specific context.

Mechanical design office

Mechanical project manager

Mechanical designer

Electricity, automation et robotics design office

Automation project manager

Automation Engineer

IT project manager

Robotic vision expert

Electrical designer



Creation, Manufacturing & Installation

For you, our teams can take charge of creating and developing your projects in connection with the Business Line Manager, your privileged interlocutor, and the design offices.


Fitter developer





Continuous support throughout the project

We favour a unique and privileged customer interface, from searching for solutions with customers, quotation, to final acceptance of the machine. At AMS, each project is assigned to a "Business Line Manager" organised according to your project type:

- "Special machines" Business Lines Managers (distributed by customer portfolio)

- "Product" Business Lines Managers for test bench and tooling activities

- An "Export" Business Line for international development, while remaining close to our customers